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See What Clients Are Saying About their HCP Wealth Planning Experience

Read Unbiased Reviews Of Our Planning Experience 

*These testimonials were provided as Google Reviews by clients of HCP Wealth Planning.  The clients were not compensated, nor are there material conflicts of interest that would affect the given testimonials. To read all our Google Reviews, please click here.

I worked with Kevin on a flat-fee basis to put together a comprehensive financial plan. He was a pleasure to work with and he taught me way more than I was expecting. It's clear he cares about his clients and is very knowledgeable. He ensured that all of my questions were answered and that I understood all of his advice clearly before ending any of our meetings. He also put in extra effort to model many "what-if" scenarios so that I could see how that impacted my financial goals. I highly recommend Kevin to anyone looking for a financial advisor. Unlike some other advisors that I considered, he does not pressure you to purchase any additional services or have him manage your money.

- Jay S

Kevin is not just one of the best financial advisors I've ever worked with, he's one of the best professionals I've ever worked with. He's extremely knowledgeable, kind, flexible and honestly a joy to work with. He went above and beyond in terms of collecting data to help us make the right decisions as we prepare to buy our next house and I find myself looking for opportunities to recommend him to my friends. If you're looking for a financial advisor, definitely get in touch with Kevin.

-Justin W

I worked with HCP Wealth Planning as a "by the gig" customer, meaning we paid a one time flat fee for a comprehensive analysis of all our financial goals, and the design of a financial plan to achieve them. Kevin is very responsive by email, and is available to meet on weekends and after work hours. In addition, Kevin's approach to financial planning revolved around encouraging us to identify all our financial goals, no matter how crazy they seemed, and helped us realize those goals were not as crazy after all if you can stick to a simple saving plan and keep your cash flows under control. Kevin uses an intuitive electronic platform which allows you to easily visualize your financial plan, and see how your "chance of success" improve or decrease based on changes to salary, expenses, market performance, etc. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Kevin, even if you're already financially savvy; having an expert set of eyes look at your current finances will reveal a lot of possibilities you may have not considered.

-Eli E

Kevin with HCP Wealth Planning was an absolute pleasure to work with. We came in with a fairly complex situation with a lot of moving pieces to put together a financial plan for retirement. Kevin did a terrific job of organizing all of our information and building out all of the different scenarios we wanted to model. The software he uses is top-notch, and we came away with a solid retirement plan with all of our variables rolled in.

-Don M

Worked with Kevin for a “by the gig” review of our finances. We had several goals and points of clarity which were all answered. The electronic platform is easy to use. Kevin was responsive and had flexible hours to meet our schedule.

-Amanda B

I appreciate that Kevin took the time to really understand my financial goals before jumping into planning. I also like that he focused on much more than just my investments, but also made sure we had a good understanding of my cash flow. That way he could help me figure out exactly how much I should be putting towards various goals and expenses. Getting all of my accounts linked up in one place and being able to track everything was very helpful. It saved timed downloading all my financial documents and sending them to him. If you are looking for a financial advisor who clearly cares about his clients and doesn't try to sell you something; I recommend working with HCP Wealth Planning.

-Andrea R

I would absolutely recommend HCP Wealth Planning. Kevin is wonderful to work with. He takes the time to understand your financial goals and then uses his expertise to help guide you in the right direction to make those goals a reality. Kevin makes it easy to understand and walks you through step-by-step. In addition to Kevin’s wealth of knowledge, you gain access to his exceptional planning software. All around an amazing experience working with HCP Wealth Planning, and I would highly recommend.

-Kyann M

HCP Wealth Planning is great! I thought I had a decent understanding of my finances, and Kevin blew me away with his knowledge and specific insights for my family's needs. My wife recently stopped working to stay home with our young son, and we engaged HCP to help us review our

-Scott S