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We Partner With Two Unique Types Of Clients.

So We Provide Two Unique Client Experiences. 

  Are You Over 50?  


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Early Career Professional?  


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We Believe You Deserve Better Than The "Typical" Client Experience

When we set out to design our client experience we began by doing extensive research into how other financial advice firms operate. We quickly realized that the traditional financial advisor models are too sales-based and complex, riddled with conflicts of interest, and ineffective in helping people achieve their goals. So we decided to create a better way.

How is HCP Wealth Planning Different?

accessible lockTrustworthy

As CFP®s we are true fiduciaries which means we must ALWAYS put your best interests first.  Because we don't work for Wall Street. We work for YOU.

videoconferencing and screen sharing technologyTransparent, Flat Fees

We charge  a fixed, flat dollar fee that includes financial planning and investment management because we believe the amount you pay your advisor should be based on the services you actually receive, not how much you invest or what you can afford to pay. The traditional model of charging fees based on investments (assets under management, AUM) only benefits the advisor and reduces their ability to give advice without conflicts of interest. 

collaborative financial planning processCollaborative and Comprehensive

Our planning process is effective in getting real results because it focuses on your entire financial life and puts you in the driver’s seat. We recognize that while we may have professional expertise, you are the expert on your own lives. We unite the two so that we can make good decisions together.

celebrating small victories in the financial planning process


We leverage technology to maximize your experience. Our meetings are conducted online or on the phone. This allows us to meet with you around your busy schedules. All clients get access to our state of the art client portal and app so you can keep track of your financial life from anywhere.

Comprehensive Financial Advice That Includes More Than Just Investment Management

Our Solutions Include

Investment Management Included 

In addition to helping you select the investments in your employer-sponsored retirement accounts, we strategically manage your other non-employer investment accounts when appropriate (Traditional and Roth IRAs, taxable brokerage accounts, etc).  This service is included in our Unlimited Plan along with all the above services for one simple, flat fee.  

Learn About Our Investment Approach

How Do We REALLY Add Value To Your Lives?

 We believe all the above services should be a bare minimum offering from any REAL financial advisor. While they play an integral role in helping you to achieve financial wellness, those services are just means to desired ends. Take a look below to learn how we can really help transform your lives.


Most people have a good idea of what they want or don't want out of life. What's often missing is a sense of how they can get there. We can provide you independent, objective advice  and show you the possible pathways and the trade offs involved in each financial decision.


Many people's sense of what drives investment returns comes from the day to day noise in the media. It's all about doom and gloom and whatever drives viewership. We can teach you how to stay emotionally strong during periods of volatility so you avoid mistakes that could have huge repercussions on your ability to achieve your goals. 


It's easy to make financial resolutions- but then sometimes life happens and It's not so easy to keep them. We will help you ensure goal accountability by keeping you on your desired path. And no, our solution to everything isn't to spend less. Sometimes it can be quite the opposite.   As a coach, our role is to provide the financial playbook, and to put you in the best possible position to execute it.


The problem for most people right now isn't gathering enough information- with the internet constantly at our fingertips we are overloaded with it.  The challenge is finding the right information in a form that is easy to digest. We will become your trusted source and promise to always deliver advice in a manner that easily resonates with you.


Your lives are busy. Jobs and family commitments may leave little time for tracking the details of your financial lives.  Our process and technology will help you organize your finances so you can easily tack your progress and and gain a calming sense of clarity.

What Are Your Biggest Financial Concerns?

Let's Talk

Simple Flat Fees That Remove Conflicts Of Interest

We Offer Two Flat Fee Service Models

Our Unlimited Plan is for those who are seeking an ongoing relationship that includes financial planning and investment management for one all-inclusive fee that doesn't increase just because your portfolio balance increases.  We provide an extremely hands-on and personal client experience. Because of this, we limit the number of households in the Unlimited Plan to forty so we can dedicate the time necessary to deliver a world class experience. For those of you who don't need ongoing professional investment management or just need help getting organized and advice on a few topics, we are happy to provide our "By The Gig" option. 

Which Service Model Is Best For You?

The Unlimited Plan

Through our flat rate billed monthly, we partner with you to address every aspect of your financial life. Together we'll help you organize your finances and create your personal financial portal so you can easily track your entire financial life, anytime, anywhere. We'll help you define your short and long-term goals, and build a plan to achieve them. After that, we will continue to meet at least three times a year to adapt that plan as your life changes. In between those official meetings, you have unlimited access to us and we encourage you to reach out with any concerns or simply to share any good news about the things that are happening in your life. Our unlimited plan includes everything described on our services page including investment management.

See What's Included

$4500/Year, Billed Monthly  

By The Gig

With this model, each "Gig" consists of at least one hour of meeting time to address your top financial priorities. Every "By The Gig" client receives the following services:

  • We will help you organize your finances and create your personal financial portal so you can continuously track your entire financial life 24/7 using our mobile app.
  • We will help you determine your top financial priorities.
  • We will conduct an online meeting where we provide custom, straightforward recommendations.
  • After the meeting, you will receive 30 days of unlimited email follow up in case you have additional questions. 
Gigs begin at $200

Ready To Get Started?

Schedule Your Complimentary Call

Worried About The Markets?

Organize Your Financial Life

How Does It All Work?

Where Do You Begin?

Whether you are looking for an ongoing relationship or help with a one-time project, we always start off each relationship the same way...

Unlimited Plan Clients:

Once we build out your financial foundation and address everything on the agreed upon initial to do list (we will hold as many meetings as necessary to do this), we will hold three official meetings each calendar year. In between, we will proactively stay in contact with you via email.  We also highly encourage you to reach out to us in between each official meeting whenever you feel the need. This could be because you have experienced a life event, you are contemplating a life change, you have concerns about your plan, the markets, or anything else. We also love to simply hear from you about any positive changes or events that have happened in your life.

By The Gig Clients:

Step 1: Before our official online meeting we will help you determine your top priorities and provide an agreed upon scope of engagement which will include what topics will be discussed in the meeting, and the price. 

Step 2: We help you organize your finances and create your personal financial portal.

Step 3: We conduct an online video meeting where we provide custom, straightforward recommendations based on your top financial priorities. 

Step 4: We email you a meeting summary and organized to do list. 

Step 5: You can take advantage of having 30 days of unlimited email follow up if you end up having any additional questions. 

Step 6: You can continue to track your financial life and progress towards your goals in your personal financial portal using our custom app.

Ready To Take The First Step?

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We Believe Financial Advice Should Be Free Of Product Sales

"I believe REAL financial advice should be about more than just your investments and it should be free of product sales. It should be about connecting whatever resources you have with the life you truly want to live.

Kevin Burkle, CFP® and CSLP® Photo Kevin Burkle, CFP® and CSLP® Hover Photo

Kevin Burkle, CFP® and CSLP®

Founder | Financial Planner

P: 904-419-3784

Why Did I Start HCP Wealth Planning?

The longer I've been in the financial advice industry, the more it has become clear to me that it needs to change if advisors ever want it to be a truly trusted profession. When I made the decision to found HCP Wealth Planning, I embarked on a mission to create a more effective financial planning experience that eliminates the sales-based advice and conflicts of interest that plague our industry. Since I'm married to a registered nurse, and I'm the son of a nurse and pharmacist, HCP Wealth was initially created to help healthcare professionals achieve their financial goals.  Since then, we have expanded access to our services to anyone who believes in the value of receiving custom financial advice from an experienced fiduciary.  

My Background

I grew up in North Carolina, but I currently live in Jacksonville, FL with my wife Melissa, our daughter Cameron and our mini schnauzer, Louie. My passion for finance began in high school, when I started following the stock market just before the dotcom crash and quickly learned the importance of diversification. Eventually, this led me to obtaining a degree in finance from North Carolina State University. Upon graduation I spent the next twelve years working for one of the major brokerage firms where a lot of my time was spent doing providing financial advice to employees of some of the largest hospital systems in the country.  

I live close to the beach and I love to simply spend time out there with my family and friends.  I'm a die-hard football fan (still working on turning my wife into the same) and I actually do enjoy going on long runs on a regular basis. The past few years I've been attempting to make myself a better cook and I really enjoy trying out new recipes. Any time spent playing with my daughter is my favorite part of each day.

Who Do I Help?

I offer two unique service models for two unique types of clients: People over 50 who need help preparing for and transitioning through retirement, and young professionals who need help building a foundation of wealth. Both types of clients are seeking custom financial guidance from a professional they can trust. Together, we work towards organizing your financial life and defining short and long term goals. We then create a plan that continues to  adapt and grow with you as you experience significant life events and you go from growing your family and career to transitioning to retirement.

What Are My Designations?

I became a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®)  in 2012.   After that I realized just how much my generation is struggling with student loan debt.  It also became clear that there are not a lot of financial advisors out there who are qualified to help with what is increasingly becoming the number one financial priority for medical professionals.  I wanted to make sure I had the expertise to competently identify the best student loan debt strategies for my clients, so I became a Certified Student Loan Professional (CSLP®).

See How I Can Make a Difference in Your Financial Wellness

Our Mission

We are dedicated to making REAL financial advice available to everyone, regardless of their wealth or stage in life. With our flat fee-only model, we strive to be a part of the growing movement in the financial advice industry that is eliminating the sales and conflicts of interest that give financial advisors a bad reputation.

Our Philosophy Is Simple.

We believe being wealthy is about more than just having money.  It's about achieving the sense of fulfillment that comes from knowing whatever money you do have is actually being used to fuel the things in life that bring you true happiness.

It's Important to Put Your Best Interests First

A financial planning relationship should have nothing to do with sales.

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Getting financial advice should be like getting advice from a CPA or an attorney. You agree to pay a set, flat fee and then that professional gives you the best advice possible without consideration of anything other than what is in your best interest.

Financial Planning Is a Continuous Journey

We believe success comes when we engage regularly to adapt your plan when life unfolds.

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We understand that people change. Priorities shift and life throws you curve balls. Whether you are proactively considering a major life event or one happens unexpectedly, we will always be there to make sure your plan still puts you in the best possible position to achieve your goals.

Disciplined & Focused on What You Can Control

Our strategies align with what really matters most - your goals.

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This involves:

  1. Investing in a diversified portfolio that reflects an appropriate level of risk for your situation.
  2. Keeping your investment fees as low as possible.
  3. Staying disciplined in your investment approach and blocking out the financial headlines from the news and social media.

You Deserve to Have Someone Supportive & Experienced on Your Side

See What We Can Do For You

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is a typical client for HCP Wealth Planning?
Q: How do you get paid?
Q: Do you work with people outside of Jacksonville, FL?
Q: Do you only work with healthcare professionals?

A: Most of our clients will work in the healthcare industry, however if you are a young professional who would also value the wealth planning experience described in this website, we’re open to working with you and would love to schedule a complimentary meeting to get to know each other more.

Q: Do you only schedule meetings Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.?

A: No, because we recognize many healthcare professionals have hectic work schedules along with family obligations. We’ll make ourselves available certain weeknights for scheduled meetings up until 11 p.m. EST to accommodate those living on the west coast. We will also make ourselves available certain weekends.

Q: What if I have other questions and I want to discuss more before I decide to become a client?  Does it cost me anything to schedule a meeting?

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