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Sign Up For the FREE Online HCP Wealth Financial Fellowship

Designed to create a solid foundation of wealth-building knowledge for healthcare professionals.  Weekly modules sent directly to your inbox.   

The concept is simple.  Increase your financial literacy.  Increase your financial wellness.  You receive one easy to digest module each week that will focus on the following topics:

What's In It For You?

  1. Knowledge is power when it comes to financial wellness.  By having a basic understanding of these core concepts, you will be empowered to make smarter decisions about your financial life and not be left wondering if you should have done something differently.
  2. Financial literacy is the best defense against those in the finance industry who may not have your best interests at heart.   Unfortunately, current laws do a terrible job of helping consumers distinguish between the REAL financial planners from the insurance salesmen and brokers who disguise themselves as advisors in order to sell you a product. This course will help you spot the difference between the two and know when someone is trying to take advantage of you.
  3. We save you the time and effort it takes to find the answers to your financial questions.  When you sign up, the answers automatically come to you in the perfect dose of information that is comprehensive enough to provide a solid foundation, without being overwhelming.  

If this course is so helpful why aren't we charging a fee for it?

  • HCP Wealth Planning is an independent firm that prides itself on providing a truly personalized and comprehensive client experience.  
  • In order to consistently deliver on that promise to our clients we have to keep the number of households we are willing to work with at any given time to 50 or less. 
  • We wanted to create a way to have a positive impact on the financial lives of anyone who is not a client whether its because we are at max capacity or they simply aren't ready to work with an advisor yet.  
  • While we could charge a fee for this course, we'd rather give it away so that anyone who is interested in increasing their financial wellness has no excuse not to.  

Ready to take your financial wellness into your own hands? Sign up below to immediately receive your first module.

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